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Difference between black hat and white hat SEO

difference blackhat vs whitehat SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization by different techniques to improve the overall traffic on the website. By properly employing SEO the site comes at high position in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) resulting in natural flow of related visitors on the landing page of the website. In modern day diversity ...

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How to learn PPC-3 useful tips

Learn PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the need of the day for businesses that want target customers to be aware of the brand or its new offer. In PPC you bid for a highly relatable keyword, so when it appears on paid listing of search engine/ social media and is clicked ...

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5 Reasons Why you should learn SEO


  Search Engine Optimization commonly shortened to SEO is a free and natural way of generating organic traffic that requires a lot of brainstorming and devising long term strategies for growth to extended period of time. With the digital world taking greater share of supporting business in term of relationship ...

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What is content writing and its types

what is content-writing

Video Transcript: Hi friends; Today I am going to teach you what content writing is and how to become a successful content writer?? Basics of content writing The most important basics are following below which should not be neglected at every circumstances. Title / Content Topic Title matters very first, ...

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What is SEO-Search Engine Optimization?


Video Transcript: Hi guys people are always in seeking “what is SEO?” and they are rarely directed to the exact point. Today I am going to define you the actual purpose of SEO. What is SEO? SEO(Search engine optimization) is defined as the strategies and the tactics to gain traffic, ...

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